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The first time this happened my phone was in my pocket and it locked itself out (I was running RC33 version of JFv1.41).  I had pattern lock enabled so i was getting “Too many pattern attempts. please login”

No matter how i put my information in username (by itself),, it wouldn’t authenticate me.No matter what i did i was not able to get in so i just reflashed the phone. After a reflash the authentication worked fine. At that time I was using one of JFs ROMS so i figured that may have been the issue.

Recently the problem happened again. This time i was using one of Cyanogens ROMS. This time instead of flashing the phone i followed haykuro’s thread to defeat pattern lock:

once i did those adb commands and rebooted the phone it asked to authenticate again but this time it worked! After it authenticates it will ask you for a new unlock pattern. And you’re all set!

This is a really annoying problem and im surprised more people aren’t having it.  I hope this helps somebody.