This post was inspired by a meeting i had the other day.  A group of us were writing a report and we split the work up equally the week before. During the meeting everyone had their parts of the project ready and one by one we passed the VGA cable connected to the overhead LCD and began to discuss what we wrote.  One of my colleagues plugged his laptop in and said “This is what i am going to write about.”  He then pulled up google and typed in his search.  He had nothing prepared for the deadline.  No joke.

See for more hot deals...
See for more hot deals...” or “” for short, is a website that pokes fun at situations where people use or don’t use Google when they should be.  To use it, go to the website and type in your search and hit “google search”.  The website will give you a link that you can share with someone else and does its magic. Although my above situation isn’t really related to when you would use this tool, it just made me think of how fun this tool can be.

Here’s a better example of when i’ve seen it used.  Say you’re surfing your favorite tech blog site and someone posts “Whats the difference between a Palm Pre and a Palm Pixi?” You go to type in “Whats the difference between a Palm Pre and a Palm Pixi?” and get a link like this  then you post it for the intended individual to poke fun. Have fun!