Fixing the Mystique Social Media Icons – Enable GD in PHP using cpanel’s EasyApache


When installing the Mystique WP theme for this website, one of the cool features was the social media icons at the top of the page.

If you hover over them they have a cool pop-up animation and link you to the respective sites.  When trying to configure these for the site i would go into Appearance>Mystique Settings>SocialMediaIcons and select the icons i wanted to use.  Upon saving the changes it would bring me to a blank screen.  When i would check the front page you could click through on the spot where the icon was but there was no picture.  After doing some research on the Mystique WP Theme help page i found it could be a problem with not having GD installed in my Apache/PHP setup.  Since my host uses Cpanel this is how it was fixed.  go to the Cpanel Web hosting Manager and do the following:

1. executed /scripts/easyapache

2. Selected option 1 “Previously Saved Config”

3. Selected “Start customizing based on profile”

4. Selected the next Apache version to upgrade or select Next

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5. Select edthe version of PHP 4 or 5. Do not make any changes if you’re not sure. Keep it as it as and select Next

6. Select the minor version of PHP.

7. Select Exhaustive Options List

8. PHP section has “GD” make sure you select it and select any other additional modules you require and select Next

This should start compiling Apache and PHP depending on the options selected.


You can then run the following to check if it is installed.

root@host [~]# php -m|grep gd
root@host [~]#


Note: Your setup and configuration may be completely different.  If you don’t have access to the above features ask your host if they can fix it.


How to install CentOS 6 using remote install over the internet – aka Net Install


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If you want to install CentOS 6 using remote install there are few easy steps.  First you need the CentOS 6 net install CentOS-6.2-x86_64-netinstall.iso which is about 227 mb.  You can get it here: Next you burn the cd or mount the iso in a virtual machine and boot up the system.  When it asks where your install media can be located you select “URL”. Next, use either of the following paths:

32 bit:
64 bit:

If these dont work you can try these:


Finally hit next and you should be on your way.  The install should continue as normal and everything the system needs to complete the install will be downloaded and installed.

This was originally designed so you could host the install files on your local network or ftp server but works just as well over the internet.  This is especially useful if you want to do a minimal install so you don’t have to download the entire 4+GB ISO file.

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