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7-3-2010 11-04-28 AM

Disable Tone / Notification On Android Reboot With Cyanogen ROM


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See for more hot deals...

If you installed the new Cyanaogen ROM CM5 on your g1 /dream phone you’re now getting an audible tone / notification when you reboot the phone.  To disable it go to menu> settings > sound and display > SD card notifications and uncheck it.


A Great Android App Review Site –


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See for more hot deals...

Here’s a great site i found for Android application reviews. is one of the few sites I’ve seen out there with honest reviews about Android applications.  It looks like its just starting out but it’s being updated constantly with some pretty useful apps.  I use quite a few on there already like Yelp, ChompSMS, and Astro File Manage but have found a couple apps i didn’t know about like Bump and Checkers for Android.  For each review the author gives a pretty thorough rundown of its pros and cons and then gives it a star rating.  It also allows users to make their own comments about the review and their own star rating as well.

One of the really neat things is the QR codes the reviewer puts with each review.  If you like the review and think its an app that you can actually use, you can scan the QR code on the screen with your phone using bar code scanner and it will take you directly to the Android Market so you can purchase it or download it for free.  Here’s what a QR code looks like:

So if you’re looking for some new apps for your G1, Nexus One, or any other type of Android device i seriously suggest you check out this site.  I have the RSS feed book marked myself so I can see the new apps as they’re reviewed.  you can do the same  here.

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