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7-3-2010 11-04-28 AM

Disable Tone / Notification On Android Reboot With Cyanogen ROM


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If you installed the new Cyanaogen ROM CM5 on your g1 /dream phone you’re now getting an audible tone / notification when you reboot the phone.  To disable it go to menu> settings > sound and display > SD card notifications and uncheck it.


Force Close and “android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly” On Home Rotate


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i was getting the following error on my Android based G1 with the Cyanogen 4.2.15 ROM whenver i rotated the view from the home screen: “The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again” and “Force Close”.

The fix to the problem was removing one of the desktop widgets.  In this case it was the TasKiller widget, i did a long tap on the widget and dragged it to the garbage can. Problem solved.  Apparently this is a common problem with desktop widgets when you upgrade to a newer ROM.

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