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Here’s a little tip for gmail users.  Gmail allows you to create multiple addresses using the same gmail address.  Say you have the username  By appending a “+” to it allows you to extend it and thus create a new address that will go to the same account.  For Example:

Will all go to the account.

You can also add a “.” to any address and it will still go to the account in question. For example:

Will all go to email box.

Finally you can also use the as the suffix for your email address and it will go to yourr gmail account.  So is the same as

This is really useful when you want to sign up at different websites around the net.  For example if you wanted to sign up for multiple accounts on Twitter.  Using and will allow you to sign up for two twitter account and all your alerts will go to your main account.   Another reason this is useful is for signing up for anything you may potentially be getting junk mail from.  For example, if Doritos has a contest to sign up for free XBOX Live points, like it had in the past, you can sign up for it using  All the info would go to your main account and in the future if you were to get any spam or advertisements to you would know Doritos was the one that gave out your email address to advertisers or spammers.