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I ran into this problem when copying files from my windows system to a ReadyNAS NV+ using any Second Copy profile.  When i tried to copy files locally up to the ReadyNAS i kept getting,  “Unable to set date for the following file …”  in my Second Copy log files.  Turns out the issue was caused because Second Copy ignores a two second time difference between files to account for different types of file systems used between systems (Fat 32, NTFS, Unix Based file systems).

To fix the problem, you must edit your Second Copy “profile.dat” file which stores all the program variables. The location on my system was, “\Documents and Settings\<currentusername>\Local Settings\Application Data\Centered Systems\Second Copy”.

Make sure the Second Copy program is turned off. You must add “IgnoreTimeDifference=2″ to either the [General] section or the [Options] section. like so:



Restart Second Copy and the problem should be solved.

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